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How old are you really?
2005-07-16 5:25 p.m.

I just did some silly online quiz thing which purported to tell me how old i really am, based on health and lifestyle factors. Apparently I'm n -2.6 and the only things that make me old are cycling without a helmet, being a miserable recluse, and not eating enough wholegrains (I misunderstood the question and thought they meant just unprocessed ones).

What really surprised me was doing it pretending to be K: he turned out to be n-1, instead of n+quite a lot, which I was expecting. I think this is because they didn't distinguish "drinking more than recommended" from "drinking like a fish"; nor did they have "unbelievably stressful job" in the stress category. Or i could just be unnecessarily gloomy about his prospects.

Tonight I'm supposed to go to a party but i'd rather go out running in the fields, because the party will all be people who know one another and think what i do is boring (arts fellows and students) and i will melt into the background and wish I'd never arrived.

But if I don't go I'll subsequently find out it was full of people who might not have instantly dismissed me as a science boffin.

If only there were some sensible balance for avoiding activities/people that i find boring, and meeting enough people that i may one day find some people that I don't find boring.

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